Petra Pieces

Petra Pieces; The Jewellery

Nowadays I live in my house in the Umm Sayhoon Bedouin village. I am back among my in-laws and friends after spending a few years in Sydney after Mohammad died. My children also live in Jordan and so I work alongside my son Raami at our shop down inside the ruins of the ancient city. We sell special silver jewellery and personally signed copies of Married to a Bedouin. Our range of exclusive jewellery, which we call our Petra Pieces, includes lovely contemporary designs which have been inspired by ancient Petra (by its pottery, caves and carvings), and are skilfully handcrafted in sterling silver by women in the village. The women, who originally received training in 1997 in a project set up by the Noor al-Hussein Foundation, make many of the designs exclusively for us. Together we have developed an array of unique pieces, from rings, earrings and bangles to cufflinks, pendants and necklaces, thereby enabling the women to earn an income and fulfilling the aims of the project: to revive the traditional handcraft of silver jewellery making, create jobs for local women and produce some fine quality souvenirs. You will find our kiosk down past the theatre, on the right, near the bathrooms. Sorry but in order to protect our designs and the livelihood of the women who make them we don’t display online. However, if you have visited and all your friends want a pendant like yours please contact me at, and we can arrange to send them.